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Twenty-five years of Revista de Enfermería del IMSS: in the transition from print to electronic


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Castañeda-Hernández MA. Twenty-five years of Revista de Enfermería del IMSS: in the transition from print to electronic. Rev Enferm Inst Mex Seguro Soc. 2017 Jan-Mar;25(1):1-2.

Twenty-five years of Revista de Enfermería del IMSS: in the transition from print to electronic

María Antonieta Castañeda-Hernández1

1Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, Coordinación de Educación en Salud, División de Innovación Educativa, Revista de Enfermería del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, Ciudad de México, México

Correspondence: María Antonieta Castañeda-Hernández

Email: maria.castanedah@imss.gob.mx; mcastanedahernandez@gmail.com

Keywords: Publishing; Open access publishing

Academic journals are currently facing a powerful stage in the dissemination of science. This means new learning challenges and development of new competencies for editorial directors, editors, copy editors, designers, and all those involved in the editorial team, in a way that the journal can penetrate the new modalities of magazine publication in the so-called digital revolution.

With the arrival of information technology and digitalization, the processes of editorial production have been transformed. Academic publication, both of books and scientific journals, has not been exempt. As such, it constitutes a fundamental tool for the dissemination of knowledge among institutions, researchers, professionals, students, and the interested population. Without a doubt, the transition consists of the formation of new cultural practices of consumption and production of the contents of books, newspapers, and magazines of all kinds.

Therefore, with the advent of the internet, the diffusion of knowledge (which until recently depended exclusively on the distribution of the printed format with a limited consumption radius, confined only to those institutions that received the material) implies a paradigm change. Changes in digital logic involve the field of scientific production. In particular, there is pressure for academic journals to enter the game of digital convergence; if not, they run the risk of getting lost.

Now technological intervention has made it possible to increase the visibility that contents of academic journals can have and to measure the number of citations by article,  author, magazine, institution, or country. Before if a certain number of magazines were printed and thus their consumption and circulation was limited, and now a single issue of the journal may have thousands of downloads in a single repository or database.1

On the other hand, open access to knowledge is promoted by a movement of global reach, the open access movement, whose premise is that literature must be freely accessible online. This category covers articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as pre-printing: those that have not been reviewed and that wish to be posted online to comment or alert colleagues about important research findings. By "open access" to this literature, we understand its free availability on the public internet, which allows users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles. They may be used then as data for software or for any other legal purpose, without financial, legal, or technical barriers that are not inseparable from internet access. The only limitation to reproduction and distribution and the only role of copyright in this area, must be to give authors control over the integrity of their work and the right to be duly recognized and cited.2

Once a scenario and context has been exposed on the need and importance of entering the digital world and therefore moving gradually from a mode of printed to electronic production, it is pertinent to comment briefly on some relevant events of the Revista de Enfermería of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, at its 25th year anniversary of publication.

Our magazine was first published in print in 1988. In the period from 1995 to 1998, its publication was interrupted, and was restarted in 1999 on a quarterly basis. The magazine runs 10,000 copies. Starting in 2011, a website for the publication of the magazine articles in PDF format was implemented,to disseminate and share the magazine with a larger number of readers.

In mid-2014, reengineering and development of the website and incorporation into Open Journal Systems (OJS) editorial management system began, to cover aspects concerning management, edition, and publication of articles. At the moment, there is a dynamic website that links online management and transparency of the editorial process. This allows users to register as readers, authors, and reviewers. For the authors, the OJS system facilitates submission of articles, visualization of status, sending of opinions and the next version of the manuscript proposed for publication. For reviewers, it provides a better flow in the process of arbitration by peers, assignment of manuscripts, review, evaluation and management of deadlines for the delivery of arbitrations. Likewise, the editorial production of each issue of the magazine is expedited by sending documents to the style corrector and designer. For our users of the electronic version, articles from 2015 to present are published in PDF and HTML formats, in Spanish and English.

Even in the digital age, the Revista de Enfermería of the IMSS is a space for reflection and opportunity for health and nursing professionals to share knowledge generated from research, education, and health services management processes, on a national and international level. For this reason, the journal is formed by five sections conceptually defined to propose original manuscripts: nursing investigation and processes; successful experiences of the practice or implementation of care and management protocols; general information as products of the bibliographic review, and of general interest for the health professionals; and editorials and letters to the editor.

About to celebrate 25 years of publication, with a view to a promising future, the Revista de Enfermería of the IMSS is indexed in the regional BDENF-LILACS-VHL in its first phase 2013-2016, and will gradually progress to complete the collection from its beginning in 1988. Likewise, it is also postulated for indexing in the Redalyc database, and in the materials management and preparation process to postulate in SciELO Mexico.

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